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Everyday tights 20 denier



Classic everyday tights are a mandatory attribute of the female wardrobe.

They give women a special sophistication, sexiness and emphasize their mystique.

For many women tights are an indispensable part of corporate ethics, wonderfully combined with a business suit. They accompany a woman regardless of the season in daily life, ceremonies and official events. In any situation, tights unobtrusively and gently emphasize femininity and elegance of the fair sex. Tights acquire their individuality by being divided into many types, depending on the composition, season, characteristics, effects and purpose. Women wearing pantyhose will always look stylish and elegant, regardless of the trends that dictate fashion. It is difficult to imagine modern woman’s wardrobe without such accessories like tights.

The classic, elegant tights that Chicause offers are made of high quality fibers by leading technologists and designers in Europe. Surprisingly durable, extremely resistant to tear, they will serve you, if not forever, then for a long time.

The variety of colors, shades, patterns and textures, as well as a full range of sizes is intended to produce a lasting impression on you. You will never be able to compare the feeling of comfort, femininity and sexuality when wearing the tights made by us, for you.


85% Polyamide
15 % Elastanе

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