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Summer Collection

Leg support tights 40 denier


Summer Collection

Push-up tights 20 denier

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£12.00 £9.60

Opaque Tights Collection

Shaping shorties 2 pcs 150 Denier

£40.00 £28.00

Push-up tights

Chicause push-up tights discreetly model and create extra support and shaping effect.

Nowadays, when we spend most of our time at work or in front of the computer, we need significant help when we decide to lose weight or improve our silhouette. You want to have that new dress but are worried about your extra weight and certain uneven areas of your body? This is when we can help up with our latest products.

Our support tights and underwear create optimal compression, they support and shape up the figure, smooth up the silhouette and are extremely comfortable to wear. Thanks to their massaging effect they tone up the muscles and improve blood circulation. They are made of a high-class microfibre which makes them very elastic and elegant.

The Chicause support tights and underwear come in several models. Each of them is suitable for a different part of your body and we leave the choice to you. You can choose between underwear “shorts” that firms up the thighs and waist, and tights with push-up and massaging effects for the lower, upper legs and the waist area.

The Chicause support tights and underwear smooth up the body part you feel could benefit from them. Every dress, trousers, blouse or any other piece of clothing will look much better when you wear our products underneath.

Nowadays, shapewear should be present in every woman’s wardrobe. Take advantage of our latest offers and make a purchase now!